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Connecting You to Everyone

Ti King has been creating websites since his family got their first Gateway computer in 1999. Fascinated by web design, he started to build web pages for friends until he graduated from Arkansas Governor's School and then high school in the rural town of Hattieville, AR. Ti moved to the nearest city and dropped out of college in pursuit of a music career. In that time he began making poor choices that eventually led to burning bridges and relationships followed by a 12 year stint in prison. It was in that incarceration that he realised that something had to change about him so he began a lifelong journey of transforming himself into the person he wanted to become. For years he taught inmates how to use the basics of computers and resumes as well as led worship on a daily basis. During an entrepreneurship class he focused on how to form a business that would connect people and build relationships to add value to people. That's how Ti King Services was established, The business plan was revised over 3 years and finally registered as an LLC in 2018.  Using his talents and drive to make a positive impact on the world, Ti opened his office near the small town where it all started and has amassed clients all over the country.

Ti attached his own name to his business so that he was held accountable for the operations and quality of product that is produced by Ti King Services.  The logo we attach to all our projects is a symbol of support, care, and investment. When you hire TKS, you are investing in people who want to invest in you. Ti King Services is ready to help you increase your online presence.